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<car rant>

Okay, so, helping a friend fix his electric windows in a German car, those crazies figured this was the best way to run them:

There’s one steel cable that goes down the black tubes and through the two sliders on rails, the motor simply spools the cable, thus pulling both sliders up or down. Incredibly clever, better than windows I’ve seen in other cars, even better than a lot of crank window mechs I’ve seen, but y’know what kind of windows never break, ever?

That’s right, they’re flat, and you just SLIDE THEM. Y’know, like every window on every house ever, that can sit outside for literally a hundred years and still work fine. Plenty of aluminum framed windows from the 1970’s are in use today and are just as bad as they were brand new, but y’know what, they never get worse. I bet the bodywork on this is cheap too, seeing as there are no compound angles.

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